We aspire to give solution and services to the needs of Public, Private and the Govt. at an affordable cost; team work is our belief and it is a tool that sets us apart from the other companies. On the other hand, we analyze the market to develop the technology sophisticated as the market needs in the particular field of shipping, industrial, marine projects, etc. and we focus on the delivery of high-quality design engineering. Thus, we have made rapid strides over the years to become a leading provider of subsea solutions to the maritime industry.

some of our core values

Our About

Pacific Blu is Established in 2013 in Chennai as a subsea engineering services company, we have made rapid strides over the past five years to become a leading provider of subsea solutions to the maritime industry. We are principally engaged in ship husbandry and subsea engineering Services like, Pipe Linelay,Erection, and Offshore Projects, Underwater videographic Inspection. Dredging services, Salvaging, Marine Pollution Control, Boat and Barge supply service, Bathymetry service, industrial Annual maintenance Contract and scientific Services etc.

Our Mission

To enhance our reputation for quality products, service and civic responsibility through continuous improvement

To create a challenging and motivated workplace so as to provide our customers with cost effective and quality solutions .

Our Vision

To be associated with excellence and innovation,and to develop lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our Quality Policy

The policy of Pacific Blu is to always meet the customer as well as statutory and regulatory authority requirements and expectations through the development and maintenance of quality management systems in conformance with the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard and the ISM code, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the same. This management system shall be the means through which the company's mission, policies and quality objectives will be achieved.

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